Best Digital Marketing Courses In Pune 2023 (With Placement)

Important characteristics of the top 1% digital marketers include result-oriented, strategic thinking, technical skills, familiarity with tools, and technologies, and experience in different digital marketing strategies.

With GrowthAcad’s best digital marketing courses, you will become one of the top 1% digital marketers in 2023. GrowthAcad is a top-rated (4.7/5, based on ~ 300 reviews) institute offering online and offline digital marketing courses in Pune with placement assistance to the top MNC companies.

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Is digital marketing a good career option now and in the future?

Digital marketing is a future-proof career option. As long as there are businesses, they are going to need digital marketers to create awareness, build demand, and generate revenue.

Here are some major reasons why digital marketing is a good career option, not just today but also in the future.

  • Digital marketing offers lucrative job opportunities. 
  • Digital marketers are in high demand as more online businesses are getting registered.
  • It is an ever-growing online industry as the demand for digital marketers keeps growing.
  • Digital marketing is a competitive landscape and requires consistent learning.
  • There are multiple career options, like jobs, freelancing, and starting an agency.

How much does a digital marketer earn in Pune?

Average annual salary of digital marketing job profiles in Pune

A digital marketing manager in Pune draws an average salary of ₹5.92 lakhs per annum, which can go up to ₹15.5 LPA. The average annual wage also depends on the experience. The below chart shows how much you can expect to earn as a digital marketer in Pune based on your experience.

Why MOST digital marketing courses fail to turn beginners into specialists

More theories, less practical learning

Most digital marketing courses fail because they heavily rely on theories rather than providing more practical opportunities to the students. Digital marketing can only be learned by implementing marketing concepts in real-world scenarios. Theoretical knowledge renders invalid when you don’t have any practical experience.

Lack of T-shaped marketing

Most digital marketing courses focus on creating V-shaped marketers. They provide too much knowledge about each concept of digital marketing that students get overwhelmed. The better approach is to focus on creating T-shaped marketers, where students understand all concepts and are experts at one or two.

Little to no job assistance

Finishing a course has little to no impact on your career if you do not get a job or an internship opportunity after it. Many courses fail to provide any job assistance. In a few months, students forget about concepts as they cannot keep practicing by working as digital marketers. 

Lack of community support

In many scenarios, community support is not available. They create WhatsApp or Telegram groups, but no communication or real support is provided to struggling individuals. Therefore, many students fail to become digital marketers.

No personalized interaction with students

Most courses today are on-demand, which means they are pre-recorded. The instructors are not present to address students’ queries and doubts. If you are stuck on something, you might get a resolution in days, delaying your overall progress. 

Lack of expertise of instructors

Today, many people enter into digital marketing and become mentors in just a few months. They realize marketing is hard, but selling courses is easier. People with no real expertise cannot create future leaders. 

⚡ Introducing GrowthAcad’s digital marketing specialist program in Pune

GrowthAcad’s Digital Marketing Specialist program in Pune has successfully transformed many beginners into digital marketers with its cohort-based learning and practical approach. So far, GrowthAcad has trained more than 10,000+ students with 100% placement assistance.

Most comprehensive modules

GrowthAcad’s Digital Marketing Specialist program helps you build a rock-solid foundation in digital marketing. We cover all essential aspects of digital marketing to ensure you have a good understanding of them all.

Become a T-shaped digital marketer

Next, GrowthAcad focuses on building T-shaped marketers. You can select your specialization and focus on becoming an SEO, Performance Marketer, or Social Media Marketer. We help you build a foundation and then become the best at one of these disciplines. 

Work on live marketing projects

We provide you with internship opportunities to understand real-world digital marketing processes and client expectations. Even during the course, you get to work on live projects to gain practical experience rather than theoretical.

Globally recognized certificates

After finishing GrowthAcad’s Digital Marketing Specialist program, you will receive 15+ industry-recognized certificates from renowned brands like Google, Facebook, and Hubspot.

Become an expert

The course turns you into a digital marketing specialist with a deep understanding of each digital marketing vertical. You can choose to become an expert at one, but you will also get a more profound sense of other verticals.

Jobs and internships assistance

GrowthAcad has more than 50+ placement assistant patterns. Once you finish the course, you will receive 90%+ placement assistance from the GrowthAcad team.

Modules covered in our digital marketing training program

This module covers digital marketing basics, such as different verticals, definitions, and why digital marketing is important. It is essential to understand the fundamentals to build a strong foundation.

You will learn how to create a buyer persona based on real-world data. You will learn the power of data to understand your target market and develop strategies that drive success.

You will learn to create an effective website strategy and select the right technology stack. This module will also teach you the fundamentals of UX and how to optimize conversions for businesses.

Learn the latest SEO tools and techniques to boost a website’s visibility in search engines, attract organic traffic, and achieve top rankings for your targeted keywords.

Learn to utilize the potential of content marketing to create compelling, engaging, and shareable content to attract users, generate leads, nurture, and convert them into loyal customers.

Learn the art of streamlining your marketing efforts, save time, and increase productivity through marketing automation. Master the necessary tools and techniques to nurture leads and optimize customer journeys.

With this course, master the art of leveraging social media to build a massive following of raving fans for brands and businesses. Learn to create brand awareness, engage with the audience, and drive traffic and conversions through effective social media marketing campaigns.

Discover the data-driven strategies of performance marketing to create effective marketing campaigns that deliver a high ROI. You will learn to implement various performance marketing techniques to deliver impeccable results.

Explore the lucrative affiliate marketing world. Learn to create successful affiliate partnerships and generate revenue by leveraging multiple affiliate channels. You will also learn to implement strategies like SEO and PPC to expand your reach.

This module teaches you how to craft persuasive email campaigns that drive engagement and conversions. This module helps you master the art of building lasting relationships with your customers and clients using email marketing.

Learn how to interpret data with this web analytics module. You will learn how to extract valuable insights, track performance, and make data-driven decisions to improve your digital marketing campaigns.

Learn innovative growth hacking strategies to achieve quick growth. Learn to implement creative and unique strategies to gain a competitive edge and scale faster.

This module teaches you the importance of brand marketing and how to create a powerful brand identity. You will learn to implement branding strategies to create a brand that resonates with your target audience and improve brand loyalty.

Master the art of copywriting and content writing. Understand the difference between both and utilize them to drive visitors, increase engagement, and grow conversions.

This module teaches you how to react to negativity when you are a brand or managing one. You will learn to build and maintain a positive brand image, handle negative reviews, and build trust with your audience.

Learn From SEO and Marketing Practitioners

Harshit gupta - founder of GrowthAcad


Founder & Global Digital Marketing & Growth Hacking Trainer

Govind Chandak Photo


Business Head And Product Growth - GrowthAcad | Ex Merkle - Sokrati (Dentsu Aegis Network) | Digital & Growth Marketing Trainer & Consultant


Mentor At GrowthAcad (Edtech Startups Specialist , Former CXO Of Fortune 500s)


Mentor (Digital Project Manager At Tru Performance Inc)

Work on real digital marketing case studies and projects


The Zomato case study will help you gain hands-on experience in performing a complete digital marketing audit for a major food tech giant. You will learn how to analyze data and interpret the insights to create more effective marketing strategies to scale a business.


You will revisit Convertkit’s remarkable journey and learn how it grew from $1.5k to 100k MRR. This case study will help you understand how Convertkit utilized unconventional growth hacking strategies to scale. You will learn to employ innovative approaches to accelerate business growth.


This case study will teach you how product virality works. You will understand why Chatgpt-3 went viral and acquired 1 million users in just 5 days. This case study focuses on noticing current trends and their utilization to create virality. 


You will dive deep into Myntra’s performance marketing techniques that helped them maximize their online shopping app sales and scale its operations. You will learn how to implement performance marketing to get the best ROAS and ROI with an optimal budget. 

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Digital marketing tools you will learn during this training program

This course is focused on equipping you with the necessary tools and techniques to help you become the 1% marketer. Therefore, you will get access to 50+ digital marketing tools required to manage and scale digital marketing campaigns.

Some of the common digital marketing tools you are going to learn are:

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Google Search Console
  3. Semrush
  4. Mailchimp 
  5. Hubspot
  6. Ahrefs
  7. Yoast
  8. Canva
  9. Buffer, and many more.

Who is this digital marketing course for?

Anyone can start and grow their career in digital marketing even without having any marketing experience or an MBA degree. This course is designed for students (including students from college and 12th pass), startup founders, freelancers, or anyone who want to switch their career path.

Students (college + after 12th)

GrowthAcad’s Digital Marketing Specialist course is ideal for students who want to gain a competitive edge in the market. You can take this course if you have cleared 10+2 or are pursuing college. You will become job-ready and learn essential skills that will help you in your future career choices.

Startup founders

Startup founders who want to scale their business, grow their online audience, and generate leads can take this course. They will learn to incorporate various strategies to drive growth and increase the online visibility of their startup.

Planning to switch your career

If you plan to switch your career, you must take this course. Digital marketing is a future-proof and recession-proof career choice. GrowthAcad’s digital marketing course will provide you with the ideal platform to acquire in-demand digital marketing skills to find ample opportunities.

Digital marketing beginners

As a beginner in the field, you must be a quick learner for rapid growth. This course will help you learn about all digital marketing verticals and become a specialist. This will boost your career trajectory and help you grow faster.

Career options after completing the digital marketing course in Pune?

1. Digital marketing freelancer

You can choose to become a digital marketing freelancer providing digital marketing services to various businesses and brands. As a freelancer, you can work on a project basis and flexibly at your own pace. 

2. SEO specialists

You can become an SEO specialist and help businesses boost their online presence by leveraging various SEO techniques. As an SEO specialist, you will optimize websites and execute promotional activities to boost a website’s organic traffic. 

3. Digital marketing manager

As a digital marketing manager, you will lead digital marketing campaigns for a business. You are responsible for devising comprehensive marketing strategies and overseeing campaigns. You will coordinate teams, analyze data, and implement tactics to achieve business goals.

4. Affiliate marketer

You can become an affiliate marketer and promote others’ products on your own platform. If someone uses your link to make a purchase, you get a commission on that sale. You can build partnerships with brands and attract an audience to generate revenue. 

5. Social media marketer

As a social media marketer, you manage and grow a brand’s presence on social media platforms. You will create compelling and engaging content, run ad campaigns, and foster community engagement. 

6. Content marketing specialist

You can become a content marketing specialist and create user-focused content to drive users from top to bottom of the marketing funnel. You will utilize multiple content formats, such as blogs, videos, landing pages, ebooks, and infographics. You are responsible for driving engagement, nurturing leads, and optimizing conversion rates.

7. Grow your startup using digital marketing

You can become an entrepreneur and utilize digital marketing to fuel your startup’s growth. You can leverage various digital marketing techniques, such as SEO, social media marketing, and content creation, to create brand awareness, generate demand, and increase conversions. 

8. Email marketing manager

As an email marketing manager, you will design and execute email marketing campaigns to nurture leads, create engagement, build trust, drive conversions, and retain customers. You will implement A/B testing and utilize segmentation to achieve your business goals.

9. Google ads and PPC expert

You can become a Google ad or PPC expert and help businesses drive sales and revenue. You will be responsible for managing pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns on various platforms to generate leads. You will craft persuasive ad copies, research keywords, optimize bids, and make data-driven decisions to maximize ROI.

10. Performance marketing specialist

You can become a performance marketing specialist and employ data-driven tactics to improve the performance of your digital marketing campaigns. You will analyze the analytics, track conversions, and make data-driven changes to achieve business growth. 

Digital marketing offline courses and training classes in Pune [Online and Offline program]

If you have a regular job and cannot attend offline classes, online classes are the perfect fit for you. You can access all the recordings and get lifetime access to the LMS. You can study at your own pace, learn everything slowly, and implement those learnings to gain practical insights. 

Offline classes are for people who want to finish the course and become digital marketing specialists ASAP. You will complete the course in 3 months if you attend our offline training classes and implement the learnings.

How long does it take to complete the digital marketing course?

The duration of GrowthAcad’s digital marketing course is 3-6 months, providing flexibility to complete the course at your own pace and convenience.

This will allow you to finish the course as per your availability and speed of learning. We want to ensure that everyone gets the chance to learn digital marketing regardless of other responsibilities, such as a job. 

Our offline digital marketing course fees in Pune

The fee for our Digital Marketing Specialist course is ₹19,999 (including discount). Our pricing is quite genuine and competitive in the current market. There are multiple courses in the market that cost around ₹50,000 to ₹2 lakh and offer half the value with limited modules.

For more details, you can get in touch with us via email or call.

What our students say about GrowthAcad

Inspiring success stories of our students

Discover how our ex-students have started their digital marketing career with GrowthAcad by enrolling in our digital marketing courses. Check out all the success stories of GrowthAcad students.

Answers to your common questions

Digital marketing is not difficult to learn if you learn from experts who are also practitioners. However, it is pretty complex if you try to learn on your own from online blogs and videos. Digital marketing consists of multiple disciplines, and the material available online is not properly structured for learning purposes. 

A fresh can join a digital marketing course and learn the basics. As a fresher, you can apply for internships after finishing the course or take a course from an institute that offers placement assistance, such as GrowthAcad.

Digital marketing is a desk job as you work on your computer or laptop. However, it does offer you the flexibility to work from your home. Laptop owners can even work while lying on a recliner anywhere in the world. 

Yes, you can switch your career to digital marketing. You can take our online course and learn digital marketing while working. Once you become a specialist, you can proceed to shift your career to digital marketing.

The duration of the course is flexible. You can finish the course in 3 to 6 months. You can become solely dedicated to the course and finish it in 3 months. However, if you have other responsibilities, you can finish it in 6 months at your own pace.

The duration of the course is flexible. You can finish the course in 3 to 6 months. You can become solely dedicated to the course and finish it in 3 months. However, if you have other responsibilities, you can finish it in 6 months at your own pace.

GrowthAcad’s Digital Marketing Specialist program focuses on practical learning rather than theoretical. Our mentors are digital marketing practitioners and industry experts with more than a decade of experience. And we have small batch sizes of 6-8 individuals to provide proper attention and guidance.

We offer lifetime access to the course. You can come back and relearn if you forget anything, even after years. 

The cost of the course is ₹19,999, which is relatively low as compared to other courses, which are priced at ₹50,000 to ₹2 lakhs.

Yes, we offer 100% job placement assistance at GrowthAcad. Once you finish the course, we will share your CV with our network and conduct interviews for placement assistance. 

After finishing this course, you will become a digital marketing specialist. You will learn the required skills and expertise to get a job in the digital marketing domain. We will also help you with the job hunt by providing placement assistance.

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