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Why you should join GrowthAcad’s digital marketing courses in Pune:

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  • Learn from industry experts with 10+ years of experience in digital marketing
  • Globally recognized certificates from Google, Facebook, Hubspot, etc
  • Lifetime access to our LMS software
  • 4.7+/5 GMB reviews, based on 300 reviews 
  • Updated curriculum with the latest AI trends and data analytics in marketing

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    Why digital marketing is a good career choice in 2024

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    SEO is the way to earn leads, viewers, followers using organic marketing strategies. SEO does not involve Ads in any way possible, and thus, in the long run, it is the most preferred way for companies who want to build a sustainable online presence. SEO specialist has turned out to be the need of the hour for brands, organizations, and even digital marketing agencies.

    Content Marketing

    With content marketing, you will be handling blogs, drip marketing campaigns, copy of the landing page, video marketing, email communication, and some PR releases. When you start working as a content marketing executive, you will be in close communication with the digital marketing manager to get things done. Moreover, you can quickly find freelancing jobs in content marketing and work from home with comfort.

    Social Media Marketer

    Jobs that are related to social media marketing require individuals to be sharp with their words and have to be creative. The aim of social media marketers is to gain website traffic or attention using social platforms. You need to create content that attracts the attention of users and pursue them to share it across their social network. 


    The work of a copywriter is massive, and if you are aiming to be one, then be ready to work with multiple teams and projects at the same time. You will be handling the task of giving better words to social media posts, video scripts, and blogs as well. You need to be proficient in English and grammar for this job profile. Also, you need to learn the art of persuasive writing, which leads to sales.

    Paid Advertising Strategy

    You will be handling online advertising like Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc. As a paid media strategist, you need to have a mix of a creative and analytical mind. More than 60% of the marketing budgets are now being allocated to digital spending. This just adds up to the fact that every digital marketing team needs to have a paid media specialist to get maximum ROI.


    A certificate in digital marketing can be the stepping stone that helps you in becoming a successful entrepreneur. With the use of multiple advertising strategies that you learn in our digital marketing certification course, you can build brand awareness which is important for both young and veteran businesses no matter which industry you are from. 

    Comprehensive digital marketing course modules and syllabus

    Find our digital marketing course syllabus and curriculum details

    Module 1: Introduction To Digital Marketing

    In the first module, our mentors will introduce you to the concept of digital marketing and where it’s being used in the day-to-day world. Also, we are going to show you all the latest trends that are changing the landscape of digital marketing.


    What you learn:

    • What is a digital marketing
    • Why do businesses require digital marketing strategies
    • Learning the importance of digital consumer behavior 
    • Understanding various revenue models
    • Introduction to online marketing
    • Finding out the skills necessary to be a digital marketer
    • Steps to building an effective digital marketing plan
    Module 2: AI in digital marketing (New)

    This syllabus covers the role of AI in digital marketing, including chatbots, predictive analytics, content optimization, personalization, and ad targeting.

    What you learn 

    • AI in Digital Marketing: Chatbots, predictive analytics, content optimization, personalization, ad targeting.
    • Future Marketer: AI skills, data analysis, collaboration, content creation, continuous learning.
    • Generative AI Fundamentals: Machine learning, neural networks, unsupervised learning, probabilistic modeling.
    • LLMs: Language understanding, generation, translation, summarization, Q&A.
    • LLM Capabilities and Limitations: Text generation, no grounded reasoning, evolving.
    • Prompt Engineering: Effective prompting, hands-on practice, time-saving, productivity boost.
    Module 3: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    From this module, you will learn how to rank your website on search engines like Google, MSN, Duckduckgo, and others. With this module, we are going to show you how different search engines work and what your tactics should be to make the website rank higher on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). 


    The search engine uses algorithms in addition to other ranking factors to determine the order in which it shows the results for a given query. In SEO, everything is organic, so you can’t pay the search engine to get yourself a higher ranking. This is the power of SEO optimization. Thus no matter how big the paid ads campaigns are for the website. The company still needs to do its SEO optimization to rank organically higher. 


    What you learn

    • What is SEO
    • How search engines work
    • Importance Of Keywords 
    • Different Types Of Keywords 
    • How to use the Google Keyword Planner tool?
    • Process of finding the right keyword
    • Keyword mix
    • SEO optimization 
    • Content Planning 
    • Meta Tag Creation 
    • Understanding the working of Google Operator
    Module 4: Search Engine Marketing

    Search engine marketing is the equivalent of SEO, but it is paid. It is considered to be the most effective way to grow a business in a competitive market in a short time. There are millions of companies online that are vying for the eyeballs of the customers. So it becomes essential to advertise your website on the internet. 


    In this module of the digital marketing course, we will help you build a successful search engine marketing campaign along with the case studies. With the live examples, we will show the implementation of ad campaigns and the necessary key points that you need to remember when setting it up for yourself. 


    What you learn 

    • Introduction to Google Ad words (PPC)
    • Microsoft Adcenter (Bing & Yahoo)
    • Setting up the campaign 
    • Finding the right budget 
    • Understanding the concept of the target audience 
    • Learn how to implement dynamic ads 
    • What is display advertising 
    • Remarketing techniques
    • Conversion tracking & optimization 
    • The automation strategies 
    • Learning the concept of Ad ranks 
    • Understanding different pricing models CPC, CPM, CPA, and more
    Module 5: Social Media Marketing

    Social media is the platform that reshapes consumer behavior. It is the platform that can help companies turn the wheel of fortune to their side. With social media marketing, we will show how to create tailored content for each social media platform. To drive engagement and promote the business. 


    We will show you different techniques to connect with the audience and make them understand the brand better. Having a significant social media presence is always beneficial for a brand’s growth. 

    What you learn

    • Introduction to different social media platforms
    • Methods to achieve high user engagement 
    • Understanding how Facebook can be used as a platform for content marketing, 
    • Brand promotion and community building
    • Fundamentals of Twitter & Instagram marketing 
    • LinkedIn marketing 
    • Master the tactics of optimizing Google plus profile & Google My Business Page
    • Learn the concept of video marketing.
    Module 6: Web Analytics

    Whatever gets measured gets managed properly. Our industry experts say when you beat the data for long enough, it will confess. As a result, in the web analytics module, we teach you how to find valuable insights from marketing campaigns. So it leads to better decision-making and helps you in achieving campaign goals. 


    Data collected using web analytics includes traffic sources, referring sites, page views, the paths taken by the viewers, and more. Moreover, in this module, you will also learn how to predict the products in which customers are more interested and which ones customers are least likely to buy. 


    What you learn 

    • Introduction to Google Analytics 
    • Understanding the concept of Real-Time Data 
    • Learn how to extract user insights
    • Analyzing the conversion data 
    • How to set up marketing campaign goals
    • Creating custom dimensions 
    • Implementing enhanced Ecommerce 
    • How to create custom reports for data-driven decision
    • Integrating search console, double click & search console
    Module 7: Google Tag Manager (GTM)

    With Google tag manager, you can easily manage and deploy tags (source-code) onto your website and even on apps without having to make changes in the main code. With this module, the mentors of GrowthAcad will teach you the technical knowledge that is required to understand the working of tags, triggers, and variables. 


    The GTM is an entirely different tool that is used for storing and managing third-party code. We slowly teach you all the basics, so it becomes easier for you to get over the learning curve and see how amazing it is to use GTM for the customization of the site’s analytics. The use of GTM will reduce the errors that are caused when integrating tags in the website’s code. 


    What you learn 

    • Learn what are tags and how do they work 
    • Google Analytics setup for apps and websites
    • Creating account and container 
    • How to add container on web pages and mobile apps 
    • Adding, updating, and publishing tags
    • Understanding the use of tags and triggers 
    • What are variables & data layer
    • Implementation scenarios for web and apps
    Module 8: Introduction To Google Display Network

    With the use of the Google search network, you get to place ads on Google’s tried and tested search engine. Google is the most prominent search engine. Thus, targeting Google for ads needs to be your top priority in online marketing campaigns. The display network is a bit more passive, as it integrates your ads to specific websites, where people are having an interest in similar niche browse, read and shop. 


    After this module is complete, you can place visually rich media ads in addition to plain text ones. We will show you how to find the right keyword, campaign settings so you will end up having the highest ROI in the end. 


    What you learn

    • What are the four different types of display Ads
    • Finding out the best pixel size for the multiple display ads
    • What is the pricing models for the Ads
    • Topic & placement targeting 
    • GDN reserve
    • Interest categories 
    • Keyword Contextual Targeting (KCT)
    • How to use remarketing
    Module 9: Video Advertising

    Even though we are annoyed by the constant ads on YouTube, still, there are few ads that just grab our attention and make us want to learn more about the products. Video advertising is pretty similar to display advertising, except for what is being displayed on the screen. With this module, we will show how you can allure customers to purchase, visit or click on your link by the influence of video advertising. 


    Video marketing will help you reach more people in a short time. Most of the internet population spends half of their time watching videos. So video advertising is considered to be the best way for a brand to make first contact with potential customers. 

    What you learn 

    • How does video advertising work 
    • How to define your video advertising goals
    • Creating and managing YouTube ads
    • Setting up the first campaign & managing it
    • Learning about different ad formats 
    • Understanding the auction implementation 
    • Optimizing video campaigns & analytics 
    • Latest case study of video advertising.
    Module 10: E-Commerce Marketing
    E-commerce marketing comes under the umbrella of digital marketing. All the websites that are selling a product or service require e-commerce marketing techniques to grow their business. With this module, we are aiming to guide you through all the digital media channels that are available for e-commerce marketing. When setting up goals for e-commerce marketing campaigns, you can take the help of social media, digital content, search engines, along email campaigns to find visitors and customers. This will lead to purchasing your product online. We will teach you how to drive awareness and actions towards services or products using e-commerce marketing.
    Module 11: Mobile Marketing
    If you look around, you will see everyone has got a smartphone in their hands or pockets. Mobile has now become an intimate part of our lifestyle. As a result, it has become the best way to get close to the consumers and be persuasive in showing the products. We will teach you how to send push notifications, automated messages, install apps using QR codes, in-game marketing, and more. In addition to this, in this module, our mentors will give you a look at how to enable location-based services. Besides this, you will understand how to target the audience based on their behavior, not on the demographics.
    Module 12: App Store Optimization (ASO)
    There are over 6 million apps available on the App Store. So getting the apps discovered to the right audience is a difficult task to achieve. That’s why it becomes ever so crucial to understand and implement the concept of ASO. With this module, GrothAcad is going to show you how to optimize the mobile apps in order for them to rank higher in search results. The increase in visibility will translate to more traffic. 40% of total app searches have been completed via searching for them in the app store. Thus, using ASO becomes a necessity for the successful launch of the application. We will show you all the current vital strategies which lead to effective ASO.
    Module 13: Content Marketing & Blogging
    The majority of companies are now using content marketing to reach more viewers and customers. P&G, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, John Deere, and others are pouring in their resources to win the battle of online marketing. We Will show you the case studies of how companies like the ones mentioned above have come up with their content marketing strategy and won the internet. . There are many types of content marketing, and we are going to cover all of them in this module. Once you are done with this module, you can easily find different opportunities to create content on various social platforms. Apart from this, we are also going to discuss how blogging influences content marketing in such a way that it executes perfectly and gives the best ROI results. The success of content marketing depends on how effective the blog and website content has been.
    Module 14: Online Reputation Management (ORM)

    There used to be a time when PR and reputation management were things of MNC with multi-billion dollar budgets. But now, even a small business needs to keep up with its online presence. 71% of the consumers start their journey only after looking at the reviews that have been posted by customers online. 


    In this module of our internet marketing course Nagpur you will learn the multi-faced concepts which are aimed at creating a positive public perception of brands, businesses, and even for a celebrity. We will show you how to access, build, manage, and monitor the online reputation brand. 


    What you learn 

    • Introduction to ORM 
    • Different tactics of monitoring the ORM 
    • Ways to create a positive online reputation
    • Working with various ORM strategies 
    • How Google alert works 
    • Measuring brand sentiments 
    • Methods to resolve negative conversations 
    • Latest case studies of online reputation crises
    Module 15: Affiliate Marketing

    Want to sell something? Why not ask other people to sell it for you and you work on more important things. This is what the concept of affiliate marketing is all about. With affiliate marketing, brands try to sell their products at a much rapid speed and reach their sales target in less time. We will show how you can track the links which bring in the leads, and via internal analytics, you get to see which ones have converted into sales as well. 


    The end goal of our affiliate marketing course in Nagpur is to increase the sales of the product that gives a win-win solution to both the affiliate marketer and the brand as well. Affiliate marketing is becoming quite popular, and with this module, you can quickly become an expert affiliate marketer in no time. 

    What you learn 

    • Different methods of doing affiliate marketing 
    • Finding a good affiliate niche & products 
    • Creating a solid affiliate website 
    • Handling rejections 
    • Examples of how to get approvals 
    • Understanding the concept of Google Adsense 
    • Learning Amazon affiliate marketing program
    Module 16: Email Marketing

    Email marketing has been going on since the very beginning of the internet. Even now, email marketing is relevant and helps brands to make sales. In addition to this, email marketing is also helpful in informing the new launch, building a community, getting feedback, and more. Morden email marketing has shifted the paradigm away from one-size-fits-all to consent, segmentation, and personalization. 


    With this module, we aim to educate you with all the latest technology you need to work to make the email marketing campaign successful. We will teach how to get the doors opened for a wide range of audiences using email marketing while keeping the budget affordable at all times. 


    What you learn 

    • What is email marketing
    • How to manage and build an email list
    • Learn best tools for email marketing 
    • Steps to create the first email marketing campaign 
    • What are open rates & how to optimize them 
    • Improving the ROI using A/B testing 
    • Different methods for email marketing 
    • Maximizing the email deliverability for revenue
    Module 17: Influencer Marketing

    Influencer marketing has become a mainstream online marketing technique. It used to be a buzzword for a while. But now, this field has blossomed into a full-fledged business strategy to gain sales and customers. Influencer marketing is a hybrid of old school and new-age marketing. In this, people who are selling your products are famous individuals on social platforms having followers in millions. 

    For example, Cristiano Ronaldo is actually an influencer marketer. For one paid promotion, he takes sound 5 to 10 crores depending on the product. With the one post of Cristiano Ronaldo, the brand goes live in the global audience and gets themselves a couple of thousand new customers if they play their cards right. 


    What you learn

    • What is influencer marketing 
    • How influencer marketing helps in sales 
    • Steps to become an influencer marketer 
    • Finding out right goals for the influencer program 
    • Understanding the measurement framework
    Module 18: Marketing & Sales Automation

    Both sales and marketing automation are different. But both of them include automating marketing actions. In digital marketing, you will come across many instances when you have to automate repetitive tasks. For example, you are not going to manually send emails to each individual who is on your mailing list. 


    For this, you have tools like Mailchimp to automate the process. In the module, you are going to learn different tools that will automate digital marketing tasks and make it easier for you to devote time to creative thinking. 


    What you learn 

    • Understanding how lead management & automation works 
    • Learn to build demand generation strategy & process
    • Finding the right marketing automation tool
    • Methods to capture more leads, improve your conversion rates, and more.
    Module 19: Growth Hacking

    The last module is all about finding the right balance between the budget and ROI of the marketing campaigns. With a growth hacking module, we teach you how to grow a business online. It is a continuous process that requires knowledge of best practices to increase the online presence of the brand. 


    We will take the examples of the latest growth hacking case studies to show what needs to be done and how. Also, we will discuss the real-life challenges which are faced by start-up companies.


    What you learn

    • What is growth hacking 
    • Finding the best method for growth hacking 
    • Understanding the growth hacking funnel 
    • Using A2R2 framework of growth hacking 
    • What are actionable hacks to get customers
    • Latest Airbnb growth hacking case study 
    • Ways to scale up your growth hacks
    Module 20. Fundamentals of AI For Marketing
    Among all the Company’s functions, marketing has perhaps the most to gain from artificial intelligence. Marketing’s core activities are understanding customer needs, matching them to products and services, and persuading people to buy— capabilities that AI can dramatically enhance. At our Digital Marketing training in Nagpur, one will learn how to leverage AI for marketing purposes with minor coding and advanced tools.
    Module 21. Fundamentals Of Data Science
    The modern-day world is mostly a data-driven society. The amount of electronic data that exists today is massive and is growing at a rapid rate. Even the campaign launches, advertisements are created today after a lot of brainstorming over previously available data sets of similar campaigns. As the best digital marketing institute in Nagpur, we ensure we cover every ground for producing highly skilled and dynamic future leaders.
    Module 22. Fundamentals Of Data Analytics
    To create impacting and ROI-driven online campaigns, one is supposed to analyze various previously created reports of campaign performances and the Company’s financial performance to chart out the path for better growth. At our digital marketing training institute in Nagpur, we ensure our students get a glimpse of how previous datasets are analyzed and how conclusions are drawn through them to deduce plans ahead.
    Module 23. WordPress
    WordPress is one of the most accessible platforms to build a website for someone just a beginner in Website development. Its user interface is pretty easy to use, and it offers a wide range of themes and plugins to make one’s website attractive. Through our best digital marketing course in Nagpur, one would be able to design a top-class website without spending a large amount of money.
    Module 24. Linkedin Optimization
    LinkedIn is one of the largest professional networking platforms with over 750 million individual users and over 55 million registered Company pages worldwide. Most HRs, CEOs, CFOs, Founders of reputable MNCs, and High Growth startups can be found and connected on this platform. Many of the Agencies also even hire candidates for their various profiles directly through Linkedin. We GrowthAcad, at our Digital Marketing Institute in Nagpur, will help you optimize your profile so that it gets noticed by recruiters easily.
    Module 25. Resume/CV building
    Separate sessions are conducted here at our digital marketing institute in Nagpur, where Mentors will guide you on building your resume from scratch and share hacks to make one’s profile stand out among the others. One would also be endowed with the latest tools that will help you to create appealing Resumes/CVs effortlessly.
    Module 26. Interview Preparation
    We help candidates with rigorous technical skills and soft skills and make them accustomed to the expected questions, and much more to make sure that candidates clear their digital marketing interviews comprehensively. We are 100% confident that candidates who work hard, solve digital marketing assignments, and do case studies can effortlessly crack their interview process. Our mentors at the digital marketing institute in Nagpur help candidates to learn digital marketing concepts and provide placement assistance to kick start their digital marketing careers.

    Digital Marketing and AI Tools You Will Learn

    Our digital marketing course in Pune includes the latest AI tools and hands-on projects so you stay updated with modern-age marketing trends and strategies. These are some of the latest AI tools we have included in our program.

    Who is This Digital Marketing Training For?

    College freshers

    This training covers SEO (keyword research, on-page optimization), PPC (Google Ads campaigns), social media marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), and website analytics using Google Analytics. You’ll learn technical aspects like site crawlability, link building, ad copywriting, and bidding strategies – equipping you with a 360-degree skillset for entry-level digital marketing roles.

    Job Seekers

    Master SEO (site architecture, schema markup, mobile optimization), SEM (conversion tracking, remarketing), social media marketing tools, email marketing automation (list building, drip campaigns), and e-commerce marketing techniques. Gain hands-on experience with a comprehensive full-stack digital marketing skillset to transition into the industry or upskill yourself.

    Digital Marketing Beginners

    Are you new to digital marketing and want to learn it from scratch? This training covers digital marketing fundamentals like search algorithms, buyer personas, and marketing funnels. You’ll learn SEO end-to-end – keyword research, on-page optimization, link building. It also includes social media strategies (organic and paid) across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

    Business Owners

    As a business owner, you’ll learn how to drive more website traffic, increase conversions and roi through digital marketing. The SEO section teaches you how to audit your website for technical issues, do keyword research for your niche, optimize content and build backlinks. The PPC module helps you set up high-converting Google Ads campaigns. You’ll master Facebook & Instagram marketing – from setting up a business page to running ads.

    Our training centres

    Pune training centre

    Corner Stone Premises, 6th Floor, Above Irani cafe, Prabhat Road, Near Deccan Gymkhana, Pune, Maharashtra, 411004

    Rated as 4.7/5, Read 300+ student reviews

    Cube Space 1st Floor, 379, Pt Nehru Marg, Opposite Zero Mile Metro Station, Near Morris College T-Point, Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440012

    Rated as 4.9/5, Read 600+ student reviews

    Digital marketing training options

    Online digital marketing classes in Pune

    GrowthAcad offers online cohort-based digital marketing program in 3-6 months course duration.

    Classroom digital marketing training in Pune

    Enroll in a small batch of digital marketing training classes in Pune and get one-on-one mentor support to grow your career.

    Why enroll in GrowthACad’s Digital Marketing training program in Pune

    Learn From Real-Life Digital Marketing Practitioners

    You will get training from industry experts who have more than 10 years of experience running digital marketing campaigns for top brands. You will learn real-world techniques, case studies and best practices directly from these working professionals.

    Cohort-based training

    You will experience interactive, cohort-based learning with batches having maximum 20 students. This means you get personal attention, can participate in discussions, and learn better through sharing with peers.

    Updated & Relevant Curriculum

    The curriculum is constantly updated to cover the latest digital marketing trends like artificial intelligence, data analytics, and modern marketing automation tools. This ensures you learn things that are relevant and in-demand.

    Become a Certified Digital Marketer

    After completing the course, you will earn globally recognized certifications from Google, Facebook, HubSpot and more companies. These validate your digital marketing skills and boost your professional credibility.

    Top Rated by Students

    With a rating of 4.7 out of 5 based on more than 300 reviews, this digital marketing course in Pune is highly appreciated by students for its quality learning experience.


    Jobs and internships assistance

    GrowthAcad has more than 50+ placement assistant patterns. Once you finish the course, you will receive 90%+ placement assistance from the GrowthAcad team.

    Our Digital Marketing Course Fee in Pune

    The digital marketing course fees at GrowthAcad start from ₹19,000. The exact fee depends on whether you opt for the online or classroom training program. With multiple course options available, you can choose the one that best fits your learning needs and budget.

    Digital Marketing Training With Certifications

    After finishing GrowthAcad's digital marketing training, you will get valuable certificates proving your skills. These include a course completion certificate along with globally recognized certifications from Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, SEMrush and other top marketing tools and platforms. Earning these professional credentials will make your resume stand out and increase your chances of getting hired for digital marketing roles.

    Meet your mentors


    Harshit Gupta

    Founder and CEO, GrowthAcad

    Govind Chandak at growthacad

    Govind Chandak

    Business head and product growth

    Rishi Kapal

    Edtech Startup specialist, Former CXO Of Fortune 500s

    Kapil Thorat

    Digital project manager, Tru Performance Inc

    What our students say

    Googly My Business

    Rated 4.9/5


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    Rated 4.4/5

    Our Eminent College Partners For Placements

    Your FAQs

    Digital marketing is not difficult to learn if you learn from experts who are also practitioners. However, it is pretty complex if you try to learn on your own from online blogs and videos. Digital marketing consists of multiple disciplines, and the material available online is not properly structured for learning purposes. 

    A fresh can join a digital marketing course and learn the basics. As a fresher, you can apply for internships after finishing the course or take a course from an institute that offers placement assistance, such as GrowthAcad.

    Digital marketing is a desk job as you work on your computer or laptop. However, it does offer you the flexibility to work from your home. Laptop owners can even work while lying on a recliner anywhere in the world. 

    Yes, you can switch your career to digital marketing. You can take our online course and learn digital marketing while working. Once you become a specialist, you can proceed to shift your career to digital marketing.

    The duration of our Pune digital marketing training courses is flexible. You can finish the course in 3 to 6 months. You can become solely dedicated to the course and finish it in 3 months. However, if you have other responsibilities, you can finish it in 6 months at your own pace.

    There is no technical skills required before enrolling in this digital marketing training course in Pune. You can join the program if you’re passionate about digital marketing and have a learning attitude.

    GrowthAcad’s Digital Marketing Specialist program focuses on practical learning rather than theoretical. Our mentors are digital marketing practitioners and industry experts with more than a decade of experience. And we have small batch sizes of 6-8 individuals to provide proper attention and guidance.

    We offer lifetime access to the course. You can come back and relearn if you forget anything, even after years. 

    The course fee of our digital marketing training program in Pune starts from ₹19,000 and depends on the course type you use (online or classroom).

    After finishing this course, you will become a digital marketing specialist. You will learn the required skills and expertise to get a job in the digital marketing domain. We will also help you with the job hunt by providing placement assistance.

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