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  • Get placement assistance in top MNC companies after course completion
  • Work on practical projects and get hands-on training
  • Learn from industry experts with 10+ years of experience in digital marketing
  • Globally recognized certificates from Google, Facebook, Hubspot, etc
  • Lifetime access to our LMS software
  • 4.7+/5 GMB reviews, based on 300 reviews 
  • Updated curriculum with the latest AI trends and data analytics in marketing

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    Why Is Digital Marketing In India A Good Career Choice In 2023?

    More than 40,000 Indian marketing companies have shifted their focus from conventional marketing to online advertising in recent years. As a result, India is seeing a massive change in the digital corporate sector, and things are shifting towards the adaptation of internet marketing. On the other hand, India is second in terms of online users, and soon it’s going to be first, which leads to the overflow of digital marketing jobs. Given below are some popular career options in digital marketing for you to start the online advertising journey.

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    SEO is the way to earn leads, viewers, followers using organic marketing strategies. SEO does not involve Ads in any way possible, and thus, in the long run, it is the most preferred way for companies who want to build a sustainable online presence. SEO specialist has turned out to be the need of the hour for brands, organizations, and even digital marketing agencies.

    Content Marketing

    With content marketing, you will be handling blogs, drip marketing campaigns, copy of the landing page, video marketing, email communication, and some PR releases. When you start working as a content marketing executive, you will be in close communication with the digital marketing manager to get things done. Moreover, you can quickly find freelancing jobs in content marketing and work from home with comfort.

    Social Media Marketer

    Jobs that are related to social media marketing require individuals to be sharp with their words and have to be creative. The aim of social media marketers is to gain website traffic or attention using social platforms. You need to create content that attracts the attention of users and pursue them to share it across their social network. 


    The work of a copywriter is massive, and if you are aiming to be one, then be ready to work with multiple teams and projects at the same time. You will be handling the task of giving better words to social media posts, video scripts, and blogs as well. You need to be proficient in English and grammar for this job profile. Also, you need to learn the art of persuasive writing, which leads to sales.

    Digital Nomads

    If you love exploring the world and don’t want to stick to a cubicle, then digital marketing could help you in earning money from your comfort. Most of the digital marketing fields allow remote work. As a result, you are limited to working from 9 to 5, and it’s up to you how much time you can give for particular projects. 

    Paid Advertising Strategy

    In this job profile, you will be handling online advertising like Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc. As a paid media strategist, you need to have a mix of a creative and analytical mind. More than 60% of the marketing budgets are now being allocated to digital spending. This just adds up to the fact that every digital marketing team needs to have a paid media specialist to get maximum ROI.


    A certificate in digital marketing can be the stepping stone that helps you in becoming a successful entrepreneur. With the use of multiple advertising strategies that you learn in our digital marketing certification course, you can build brand awareness which is important for both young and veteran businesses no matter which industry you are from. 

    And Much More

    These are just a few of the career opportunities which you can get into after completing internet marketing training from GrowthAcad. Apart from these, there are multiple options for you to choose from, so there is no need to worry about career choices.

    Start Your Growth

    Who Can Do This Digital Marketing Training Course?

    There are no educational barriers to digital marketing. As a result, if you are from an arts background, you could be a content writer. If commerce is your field, then handling analytics and marketing campaigns will be a piece of cake for you. In addition to this, for technical students, digital marketing offers website development, front-end design, lead automation, and other forms of technical work based on the skills they have. If you’re looking to learn digital marketing from offline classes, join our digital marketing courses in Pune and Nagpur with an offline training program facility.

    Most Complete Digital Marketing Modules For Your Career Growth

    At GrowthAcad, our approach is to help students remember the concepts that we teach them here. Our mentors believe that learning is the way to grow. That’s why they personally take care of each student’s learning and resolve their individual problems related to topics as well.  The most important thing about a course is its syllabus. What you are going to learn decides what skill set you will have once the course is over. Given below, we have shown the breakdown of all the modules and what you are going to learn in our internet marketing training.

    Module 1: Introduction To Digital Marketing

    Digital marketing is about delivering advertising through digital channels. This is the first module of our advanced digital marketing training, so here we are not going to throw away all the technical jargon at once to our students. We will explain different fields of digital marketing and their importance in this module. Moreover, we will show you how companies have been able to triple their revenue using digital marketing strategies and how our course will help you in learning those required skillsets which lead to a successful online marketing strategy. 

    Furthermore, this course will have all the latest data available, and throughout the course, you are going to learn all the latest tips, tricks, and skills which are required to be a successful digital marketer. We are going to show you how to implement an omnichannel digital marketing strategy and get valuable insights from your targeted audience while opening up the doors to new methods of customer engagement. 


    What you learn 

    • What is a digital marketing
    • Why do businesses need to run online marketing campaigns
    • Understanding how digital marketing helps businesses
    • Objectives of creating a website
    • What is the role of a digital marketer 
    • Intro to online advertising
    • Different types of revenue models 
    • Building an effective digital marketing plan

    Module 2: Website Planning & Analysis

    Website is like a clean whiteboard where you perform different types of digital marketing strategies. For the implementation of ad campaigns, you first need to have a website where you want traffic to visit once they click on the ad. As a result, having a great website is one of the first steps of being successful in digital marketing. In this module, we are going to show you what goes into developing a user-friendly website. We will show you what the different types of websites which you can create on the internet are. 

    Your website is your best salesperson. If the website is slow to load, then your navigation is going to suffer. If all the branding elements are present all over the place, your content won’t seem valuable. We will teach you how to plan out the website creation process, so these issues will not arise, and the website comes out to be quite intuitive and easy to use.


    What you learn 

    • All the latest trends of website development 
    • What are domain names and domain extensions 
    • Finding out the best hosting servers 
    • Understanding different types of servers 
    • How to use a content management system 
    • What are some of the best user experience trends 
    • Identifying the objectives of a website 
    • Knowing the vital steps for the creation of a website 
    • Conducting a full-fledged SEO audit.

    Module 3: Search Engine Optimization

    SEO stands for search engine optimization, and for companies, SEO is one of the most important aspects of making an online presence. Ads can be displayed on various platforms. But nothing beats the revenue gain from the organic results. SEO strategies are responsible for making your website seen on the top page of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Thus, mastering SEO before putting ad campaigns is just like learning to walk before you can run. 

    In this module, you will be introduced to different types of SEO, such as on-page SEO and off-page SEO. We are also going to teach you how to create a wonderful link tree to make your website rank higher. All the methodologies we are going to discuss here in this module are strictly white hat. Moreover, all the tips given by our mentors will be based on the latest Google algorithm changes. As a result, your learning at GrowthAcad is going to be filled with practical knowledge. 


    What you learn 

    • Introduction to SERP & SEO
    • Understanding the working of search engines 
    • What is traffic
    • What are different types of keywords 
    • How to find the perfect keyword 
    • Keyword optimization 
    • Content planning & optimization 
    • Internal linking 
    • How to create meta tags

    Module 4: Search Engine Marketing

    SEM sounds similar to SEO, but in fact, it is quite different. A number of courses will teach SEO and SEM together, but we want our students to have a deep understanding of all the terms which they are going to use as a professional. In this module, we will show you the importance of SEM and the successful SEM strategies which lead to amazing results and Return On Investment (ROI). 

    SEM stands for using paid ad campaigns to drive sales and get views on the internet. The ads will be displayed on search engines only. But there are different types of ads and methods to implement them. This module will cover all of those methods and give you complete knowledge of search engine marketing. 


    What you learn 

    • Introduction to Google Ad words 
    • How to create ad campaigns
    • Microsoft Adcenter 
    • Finding the right campaign budget 
    • Understanding targeted audience 
    • How to use dynamic ads 
    • What is display advertising 
    • Methods of remarketing techniques 
    • Conversion tracking 
    • What are different automation strategies 
    • What is Ad ranks 
    • Different pricing models (CPC, CPM, CPA)

    Module 5: Social Media Marketing

    SMM stands for using paid ads on social media platforms to attain views and get sales done. SMM has become quite massive and, in some cases, bigger than traditional SEM. Companies like, Myntra, Amazon and others are investing huge amounts of marketing budget on SMM to attract sales from social media funnels. In addition to this, SMM also helps brands to communicate with their existing customers and reach new ones via promotion. 

    Likewise, you will learn how to use the purpose-built data analytics tools which are present on social media platforms to track how much of a statistical numbers ad campaigns are churning in. An SMM manager must be creative in the first place; you must know how to attract the eyeballs and make the person stop at your ad when they are scrolling through their social media feeds. 


    What you learn 

    • Introduction to various social platforms
    • Methods to achieve high user engagement 
    • Understanding Facebook as a platform for building community 
    • How to do brand promotion 
    • Learning the fundamentals of Twitter & LinkedIn
    • Optimizing Google Plus Profile & Google My Business 
    • How to create a branding

    Module 6: Web Analytics

    If you can’t measure it, then there’s no use for it. In digital marketing, you are using techniques like paid ads to get more views, clicks, likes, and sales. But all of these statistics need to be quantifiable to know whether the marketing campaign was a success or not. From this module, you are going to learn how to measure activity and behavior on a website, for example, how many people have visited your website, how much time they have spent, which web pages attract more views, and more. 

    With web analytics, you can create a better user experience for website visitors. In addition to this, it will help you in understanding customer behavior for optimizing a website’s key conversion metrics. Furthermore, you will be able to accurately track down the effectiveness of your marketing strategies to help you plan out the future efforts for your campaigns. 


    What you learn 

    • What is Google analytics 
    • Working of Google analytics 
    • How does real-time data work 
    • Analyzing & gaining insights 
    • Understanding different types of goals 
    • Creating the custom dimensions 
    • Methodologies for enhanced eCommerce
    • Integration search console, double click, and more

    Module 7: Google Tag Manager

    The Google tag manager is one of the online tools which helps you with the tracking of codes and collecting analytics for your website. In addition to this, you can use it in conjunction with Google Analytics to make accessing the analytics much easier. Most of the tools available in GTM are completely free. A tag is a part of the code that sends the data to Google Analytics or other third-party tools. 

    Usually, when you need to make a change in a specific code, all the other parts of the code also need a slight tweaking. But with GTM, you don’t have to go through all this trouble. Anything that needs to be tracked can be tracked down by using the GTM tool kit. In this module, we are going to show you how to use different settings of GTM and how to take its benefit to the fullest. 


    What you learn 

    • What is a tag & how it works 
    • Setting up Web & mobile Apps 
    • Creating account & container 
    • Adding, updating, and publishing tags
    • Tags and triggers 
    • Variables and the data layer 
    • Implementation scenarios for data layer events.

    Module 8: Display Advertising

    With display advertising, we aim to attract new users to the website from social media platforms and other digital mediums. The aim is to make the user perform a specific set of actions once he reaches the website, which results in the sale of the website’s services. In this module, you will learn how most of the display advertising campaigns should run and what are the different methods by which these display advertising are charged. In addition to this, these campaigns can also be used as retargeting campaigns, meaning they are displayed to those users who have already visited the specific website. 

    Also, we will show you what the different sizes of display advertising are and which one you should be using when putting up yours on the internet. Display ads have a very big diversity, and when it comes to reaching, these ads can be placed on millions of websites that are using Google Display Network (GDN). As a result, you can easily target the right audience by choosing which sites can display your advertisements. 

    What you learn 

    • Different types of display advertising 
    • What is pixel sizes based on display types
    • Pricing models of the display ads 
    • Topic & placement targeting 
    • GDN reserve
    • Finding out interest categories 
    • Keyword contextual targeting 
    • How to perform remarketing

    Module 9: Video Advertising

    Online video viewers are growing each minute; 82% of the total internet traffic is coming from video streaming, according to the reports released by Cisco. YouTube, the most popular video streaming website, has two billion active users. Thus, you can harness the video advertising capabilities and deliver promotional video content in order to target the audience while using a number of online channels. 

    In this module, you will learn how video advertising works and how you can target a specific niche of an audience, so the click-through rate is maximum. The attention span of humans has become lower than ever. As a result, video advertising is the best way to grab their attention and compel them to take the action required. We will show you how to create an engaging and attractive video for the audience. With video advertising, you can increase website traffic, generate leads, raise brand awareness, drive conversions, and much more. 


    What you learn 

    • Introduction to video advertising 
    • Creating the objectives for video advertising 
    • YouTube Ads 
    • Setting up the Campaigns 
    • Learn different types of Ad formats 
    • Managing auction implementation 
    • Optimizing video ad campaigns 
    • Learning YouTube analytics 
    • The latest study of successful video advertising.

    Module 10: E-commerce Marketing

    Every website wants to increase their traffic and make conversions, but still, it is quite challenging, but with the use of E-commerce marketing which uses promotional tactics to drive out the traffic to the online store. You could be making a lot of money and reaching more customers in a shorter time. In this module, you will be learning all the holistic E-commerce marketing strategies which can be used both on and off your website. With a strong marketing strategy, you can easily create brand awareness, drive customer loyalty, and finally increase the sales of your products. 

    We will teach you how to leverage digital content, social media, and other platforms to attract visitors and promote them to purchase your product online. We are going to help you attain traffic and sales from all the different marketing channels, so the E-commerce business does not depend on a single channel of traffic. 

    What you learn 

    • What is E-commerce 
    • What are various E-commerce platforms 
    • Importance of SEO in E-commerce 
    • Creating a strong E-commerce strategy 
    • Making product listing ads 
    • Setting up enhanced E-commerce tracking 
    • What is E-commerce conversion tracking 
    • Defining sales revenue measurement 
    • Understanding the customer lifetime value

    Module 11: Mobile Marketing

    Using mobile services, companies are trying to sell their products and services to their customers. Mobile has become quite intimate to humans, and every person now owns a smartphone that runs apps using the internet. Right now, 80% of the total internet traffic comes from mobile users. Thus, mobile devices dominate the internet world. In addition to this, 51% of mobile users, when they see a product online which they like, will press the button then desktop or laptop user. On the other hand, if you are marketing a local business, mobile marketing is the best way to do it by sending SMS of the latest offers and discounts. 

    With a GrowthAcad certificate in digital marketing, you are going to learn how to take the benefits of mobile marketing and use it to its full potential. Likewise, we will show how to automate mobile marketing tasks so you don’t have to perform repetitive tasks manually. 

    What you learn 

    • Understanding different types of mobile devices 
    • What is mobile marketing & social media 
    • What is a mobile analytics 
    • Why you must have a mobile-friendly website 
    • Different methods of mobile advertising and search 
    • How perform mobile content marketing 
    • Mobile PPC
    • Mobile video marketing 
    • Understanding how mobile E-commerce works

    Module 12: App Store Optimization

    App store optimization is all about making sure that your application is seen on the App store results when a user types in the keyword. This will help in increasing the traffic and improve conversion rate to generate the maximum volume of search results, conversion rates, and organic downloads. We will show you how the App store ranks up the application and display the results. Likewise, in this internet marketing training, you are going to learn how to find the most relevant keywords that fit in with the description of your application. 

    Without using the ASO strategies, it becomes quite hard for an application to get desired results. ASO is in digital marketing as it increases the organic leads of an application. In this module, you will learn all the aspects of ASO and how to implement the latest strategies of ASO for your application. 

    What you learn 

    • Fundamentals of ASO
    • Basics of App Store & Google Play store 
    • Understanding Keyword Optimization 
    • Asset Optimization 
    • Analyzing Mobile app competition 
    • Importance of localization in ASO
    • What is the importance of reviews

    Module 13: Content Marketing & Blogging

    Content marketing is more than just storytelling; humans have been telling stories since the time we started speaking. Human attention will go towards better-written stories. That’s what content marketing and blogging are all about, finding the right words to keep the reader hooked to your content. Content marketing includes white papers, blogs, guest posts, press releases, emails, social media posts, and more. The aim of the content is to help customers convey the message of a brand and show their expertise in the field. 

    Blogs are considered to be one of the best ways to get organic leads. According to a survey, websites that have a blog section present and constantly updated get 67% more leads than other websites. As a result, learning how to curate content has to be part of our digital marketing certificate. 

    What you learn 

    • What is content marketing 
    • Understanding the different types of content
    • Finding effective marketing strategies 
    • Pinpointing audience personas & content maps 
    • Creating a traffic channel plan 
    • Ways to overcome content marketing roadblocks
    • Learn how to do content promotion & increase sales
    • Methods to create original and engaging content 
    • Finding out the content dissemination techniques. 
    • Learning the concepts of blogging

    Module 14: Online Reputation Management

    When you are competing online, you need to be careful of what your customers have to say about you. A business needs to uphold its reputation at all costs. In this advanced digital marketing training, you are going to learn multiple strategies to generate, improve, and respond to the online reviews which customers leave for your business. In addition to this, we are going to show you some of the popular review sites where you have to keep up the good image of your business. With ORM, you are slowly building trust and credibility within your customers, which results in better conversion rates. 

    In today’s world management of online reviews has become crucial even for small businesses. Moreover, it can also affect the SEO ranking of the website and its paid search results. Thus, maintaining a high standard ORM becomes a necessity for any business in the age of the internet. 

    What you learn 

    • Defining the ORM & its uses
    • Leaning various tactics for ORM
    • Importance of brand conversations listening 
    • Finding out ways to measure band sentiments 
    • Resolving negative conversations 
    • Handling negative search results 
    • Latest case study about online reputation crises

    Module 15: Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing is the dream of every website owner; for this, you need to add in the affiliate link to make money. But that’s just one step; there is more to it, and we are going to show you all the hidden steps that are required to be a successful affiliate marketer. 

    Affiliate marketing is the online sales tactic that is used by companies to make the product owners increase their sales by giving individuals the ability to target the same audience to earn commission on their sales. It is quite like a referral, where a user will refer a product to someone, and when that person buys the product, the user will earn some percentage from the sale. 

    If you are launching a new product, affiliate marketing is one of the best digital marketing tactics to increase sales numbers. In this module, you will learn all the different strategies which come into play for making a successful affiliate marketing campaign. 

    What you learn 

    • Defining the affiliate marketing tactics 
    • How does affiliate marketing work 
    • Finding out good affiliate niche & products 
    • Building amazing affiliate website 
    • Digital strategies to increase affiliate traffic 
    • Managing rejections 
    • Live examples of getting approvals 
    • Explore Google Adsense 
    • What is Amazon Affiliate marketing program 
    • Understanding Affiliate programs like Clickbank,
    • Vcommission, Click junction.

    Module 16: Email Marketing

    Email marketing is like a growth hack in the world of digital marketing. It is one of the easiest ways to convince a lead to take a specific action that you have custom-made for them in email. Email marketing has been a great marketing strategy to convert potential users to customers and turn one-time buyers into repeat customers with a page of emails.

    With the help of this module, we are trying to educate our students on the benefits of email marketing and the various strategies they can use to make their email marketing campaign successful. In addition to this, you are also going to learn automation tools that make the sending of emails automated, so you don’t have to manually send it to users. Likewise, we will show you how you can create custom templates and emails for each individual in your email list. 

    What you learn 

    • What is email marketing
    • Building & managing an email list
    • Tools for email marketing 
    • Creating an email marketing campaign 
    • What are open rates & how to optimize them. 
    • Improving ROI and A/B testing 
    • Best methods of email marketing 
    • Creating effective email messages 
    • Analyzing & measuring email marketing

    Module 17: Influencer Marketing

    With influencer marketing, you get to target the audience of key leaders, which helps in driving your brand’s message to the market, rather than marketing your product directly to the group of people. You hire an influencer to get the word out for you in the community. Influencer marketing goes hand-in-hand with the other two forms of marketing. The first one is social media marketing, and the second is content marketing. 

    Most of the influence campaigns embed a social-media component; on the other hand, influencers are expected to spread the word from their personal social media channels. It depends on the requirement, whether you want the influencer to make content on their own. Or you want to create the script of a post and want them to post it. 

    In both ways, the followers of influencers are going to see the post. At GrowthAcad online certificate in digital marketing, you will have all the skills to manage and run an influencer marketing campaign. Also, we will teach you the steps to becoming a successful influencer marketer yourself. 

    What you learn 

    • What is the use of influencer marketing 
    • How influencers increase your sales 
    • Setting goals for the influencer program 
    • Defining the archetypes and conversations 
    • Managing influencer management 
    • Defining measurement framework

    Module 18: Marketing & Sales Automation

    Marketing automation streamlines automates and measures the marketing tasks in order to increase the operational efficiency of marketing campaigns. With the use of automation, you can be more effective in conducting marketing on multiple channels and then automate the repetitive tasks. Marketing automation can help in lead generation, lead nurturing and scoring, relationship marketing, cross-sell, and up-sell as well. 

    With this module of our marketing training, you will learn various digital marketing tools which use automation to get the work done. Marketing automation is one of the fastest-growing fields of IT in the world right now. The tools are becoming more prevalent and scalable for small to mid-sized businesses. To be a successful digital marketer, you need to have knowledge of marketing and sales automation. 

    What you learn 

    • Understanding the working of demand generation 
    • What is lead management & marketing automation 
    • Impact of automation on a sales funnel 
    • Creating demand generation strategy 
    • Understanding the lead management process 
    • Grow your organization sales & revenue 
    • Ways to capture more leads
    • How to improve conversion rates 
    • Manage the sales process and more

    Module 19: Growth Hacking

    Digital marketing requires practitioners to understand growth hacking and implement it in their marketing strategy. Growth hacking is considered to be the umbrella term for strategies that are focused on growth. The early-stage startups are more inclined towards it to make their name in the digital world. With our growth hacking, you are going to acquire as many users as possible while spending a little as possible. 

    We are going to show you how to be creative and use it for making low-cost strategies that help a business acquire and retain customers. Growth hackers are also called growth marketers. But in truth, anyone can be a growth hacker, including a product manager or a service engineer. We will show you how to create an ad that compels people to click on it and make the purchase. In addition to this, how to optimize the conversion rate to get the best of the results. 

    What you learn 

    • What is growth hacking 
    • How to be in a growth mindset
    • Different methods of growth hacking 
    • Learning A2R2 framework 
    • Cheating growth culture in your team 
    • Understanding growth analytics 
    • Scaling up your growth hacks
    • Learning unicorn growth hacks

    Why should GrowthACad’s Online Digital Marketing Course be Your First Choice?

    Learn From Real-Life Digital Marketing Practitioners

    Our digital marketing certification courses come with mentoring sessions where students get to speak to mentors one-on-one to find solutions to their problems. The mentors you have are still working as digital marketing strategists to help MNCs create their online presence. This allows you to understand the industry and help you find the best way to develop brand awareness using various digital channels for lead generation.

    Cohort Based Courses

    According to our mentors, what you are going to learn is going to stick to you and help you achieve your professional goals. Thus, in this internet marketing training program, the modules and training sessions are all cohort in nature, meaning you will be learning with and from the like-minded who have an interest in digital marketing.  This makes the general conversations during the lectures more focused on topics, and you get to grab additional information from your batch mates as well.

    Updated & Relevant Curriculum

    In order to keep your job in digital marketing, you have to learn new strategies and the latest tools which are being used in the industry. The same goes for any digital marketing training program. Thus, we keep our modules dynamic and add new sub-topics to teach students the latest trends of digital marketing.  From our curriculum, you can grow as an individual and apply them to business as well to find new opportunities for growth every day. We will teach you the most effective communication channels, tools, and experimentation strategies that yield high results at a lower cost. 

    Get Hands-On Practical Training In Digital Marketing

    The internet marketing training we are offering our students is based on practical assignments for each tool to experience the working of each tool in a manner of a live project. We ensure that you get the right set of tools and online platforms to test out your learnings throughout this course.  Once you are done with the practical, we will show you the outcomes of every strategy on which you have worked. Also, from the results of your practical campaigns, we will help you understand which stream is better for you in digital marketing and how you can make a career in it as well.

    Be Part of A Global Community

    Our motive with this course is to help students learn from the digital marketing community. As a result, each month, we bring you a spokesperson from the digital marketing industry to demonstrate how they perform digital marketing strategies. From these sessions, you are going to learn from the industry experts and soak in the tips they use during live campaigns to get a better Return On Investment (ROI). 

    Become An Internationally-Recognized Certified Professional

    If you are planning to go abroad, then digital marketing certification from our online academy is one of the best ways to secure a job once you are in a foreign land. The global job market requires tons of digital marketers, and we make you an internationally-recognized certified professional. With every module, we cover certifications that will showcase your expertise in the given field of digital marketing. Hence, you will have no issue securing a job abroad after the completion of your online marketing training.

    Digital Marketing Course With Certifications

    Mastering the skillset of digital marketing is one thing, and to earn certifications in the same skillset is another. If you search online, you will find plenty of digital marketing certifications, but only a few of them are actually required, and we have covered all of them in this professional online marketing course.  With experience and certifications, you can quickly double up your paycheck. In addition to this, having specialty certifications, you can even get extra pay dividends. Given below is the list of certifications that we cover throughout this online marketing course.

    Master Important Digital Marketing Tools By Doing

    Meet Your Digital Marketing Mentors


    Harshit Gupta

    Harshit believed in performance marketing, and throughout his career, he was able to bring results with these out-of-the-box marketing techniques. His previous experience was in working with a mid-size E-commerce startup along with other companies that are listed in Fortune 500. Also, he is the founder of “Hash & Karma” which is a performance marketing digital agency. In his career, he was called to take guest lectures and training on digital marketing from middle level to C-suite executives. He is one of the best and the most up-to-date mentors in the digital marketing industry.

    Launch Your Digital Marketing Career With The Most Complete And Practical Training Program

    The future of education is online. As a digital marketing company, GrowthAcad is striving to help students learn the best of the techniques and skills, which will give them a certain edge over the other marketers who are looking to make a career in the same field. Here are some key benefits that students get to enjoy when they enroll in our online digital marketing course. 

    FAQs For Digital Marketing Training

    To enroll in our online digital marketing program, you need to have completed your secondary education. Apart from this, we welcome everyone from all aspects of their educational background. For digital marketing, you don’t have to be an expert in numbers or in computers.  It all comes down to how you grasp the topics you teach. A 12th pass student can make a successful career after completing this course.

    This is an online digital marketing course. As a result, you can learn from your comfort, and all the study materials will be provided to you via online docs. So there is no hindrance to your learning in any way possible. Furthermore, you can watch the live sessions from anywhere in the world. All you need is a smart device along with an internet connection, and you are good to go. 

    All the sessions that we have in our digital marketing course will be broadcast live. But in case you have missed any of the sessions. You can easily re-watch the same session from our link. We keep the record of our session so students can replay them if they are not able to understand something. 

    An emergency can knock on our doors anytime, and we know this can happen to our students as well. As a result, even when you are not able to attend the live sessions, you can still re-watch them and continue your learning with ease.  We recommend you not to pile up the sessions because, in each session, we discuss complex online marketing techniques. Thus, when you miss sessions more than once, it becomes hard to understand other topics in upcoming sessions.

    From the first live class to the last one, you will have access to all the live sessions, and you can replay them whenever you want. Also, with each module, we will give you study material, and you will have its access all the time. You can even download it in your systems and save it offline.

    Our mentors will take your digital marketing sessions; these individuals are well versed in their skillset and will give you insights into how digital marketing strategies are rolled out in the real world. 

    FAQs For Course Fees and Payments

    The prices of our courses are pretty genuine and competitive in the current market. It is the best plan for the digital marketing course and for more information you can get in touch with us via mail or a phone call. 

    Once you complete our course successfully, you become job-ready and have all the necessary skill sets that companies require in a successful digital marketer. The starting position and salary in digital marketing vary from company to company.  But the average salary of the digital market, no matter which niche he chooses, will range from 25,000 Rs – 40,000 Rs. In addition to this, if you are managing Ads, then according to the performance of your campaign, you will receive a bonus as well.

    We accept all online transactions, from Paytm, PhonePe, GooglePay, internet banking, check, demand draft, and more. Please keep in mind we are not accepting any type of cryptocurrency. 

    FAQs For Training Certification And Placement Assistance

    Yes, GrowthAcad is one of the prominent digital marketing institutes in India, and when you showcase our certificate, it becomes for interviewers to acknowledge your learnings. This can help you significantly in getting a job and create a positive opinion about your academics in the eyes of the interviewer. 

    Yes, this course is specifically designed to make students job-ready and teach them skills that are required to be a successful digital marketer. Once you are done with our course, you can apply to any digital marketing job and can easily crack the interview by remembering all the teachings of this course.

    GrowthAcad has an extensive network of companies, and we are partnered with many digital marketing agencies. As a result, we make sure that each of our students gets a chance to sit in a job interview and get placed after the course is complete.

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