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The comprehensive meaning of performance marketing is to find the perfect combination of paid advertising and brand marketing. This is a win-win marketing technique for both the retailers and merchants as it allows them to target campaigns in a more strategic and high ROI way.

At Growthacad, you get to learn some of the most advanced online performance marketing techniques from Growthacad’s performance marketing courses to help you shine in a professional marketing career of yours. 

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    What Is Performance Marketing?

    Performance marketing is one of the digital marketing strategies which is driven by results. It is ideal for those companies who are looking to find a way to reach their audience on a large scale. Because their business runs on the basis of how users interact with the content. Given below are the three reasons why you should consider performance marketing as your career option. 

    Constantly Evolving

    Performance marketing is the one field that is constantly evolving as more platforms are introduced for marketing. A performance marketing individual is always on the lookout for the latest trends and seeing how they will impact the website’s discoverability. 

    Performance Marketing Is The Future

    Traditional marketing still has its place in some areas. Performance marketing is taking over in most cases due to affordability and analytics. With the use of performance marketing, companies can pinpoint exact locations from where they are getting new customers. Or which tactics are providing them with the highest ROI. 

    High Demand of Performance Marketers

    The demand for performance marketers is rapidly increasing; at this point, more than 4 billion active users are present on the internet. This exponentially increases the chance of performance marketing being hired. So they can help companies be seen on the internet. 

    Our Cohort-Based Performance Marketing Course Syllabus

    Our online performance marketing certification course is one of the most popular courses among students who want to learn digital marketing and its core concepts. Our cohort-based learning helps students grasp every single piece of information with ease. Given below, we have provided a brief description of each module present in this performance marketing course. 

    In this module of our industry-recognized certifications, you will understand and apply the fundamentals of Performance Marketing. Here we will show you that you don’t need to rely on guesswork anymore and lump-sum amounts for the ads. We will showcase how you can define the exact budget you need to gain the specific results for your marketing campaign. 

    What you’ll learn 

    • Fundamentals of performance marketing
    • Introduction to setting a marketing budget 
    • Benefits of performance marketing 
    • Industry research 

    In this module, we will showcase how to build a digital media strategy and create a budget for your upcoming campaigns. This is an essential concept in a performance marketing course as it helps you in allocating funds in the right place. To grow your business in a sustainable fashion. 

    What you’ll learn 

    • Understanding the marketing goals 
    • How to invest in marketing automation 
    • Keeping the digital marketing budget flexible 
    • What are the inclusions in digital marketing

    Facebook advertising works on the ubiquitous mode of Pay-per-click. This has become the single most extensive advertising system on the internet. In our performance marketing course, with placement assistance, we will showcase how you will be using ads creation to micro-target the exact audience and more. 

    What you’ll learn 

    • How to find the better ad types 
    • Implementing business-specific goals
    • Accessing powerful in-depth data 
    • A/B ad testing for performance growth

    A performance marketing funnel is built by the combination of marketing tactics that are used for the generation of traffic for your business. A marketing funnel is quite essential when you want web traffic to turn into a customer. In this module of the online performance marketing certification course, we will help you create your own marketing funnel, which is grouped in different stages such as foundation, floodgates, and the actual sales funnel. 


    What you’ll learn 

    • AIDAA formula for building a marketing funnel
    • Defining the digital marketing sales funnel 
    • Optimizing sales funnels 

    As a performance marketer, your ability to come up with persuasive content can make or break the success of your sales. Even as a business owner, you need to write tons of content to educate and build awareness. In this module of the online performance marketing certification course, we will teach you all the nooks of writing flawless copy for your website, social media, emails, and more. 


    What you’ll learn 

    • How to focus on the customer in your copy
    • Simplifying the use of sentences 
    • How to inherit urgency and scarcity in content
    • Tell users what they need to do

    Many digital marketers fail to achieve any good returns on their ad investment. Scaling up your Facebook ads doesn’t mean you just need to increase the expenditure. It also should provide you with greater returns. And that’s what you are going to learn in this module of our online performance marketing certification course.

    What you’ll learn 

    • How to increase the audience size
    • Expanding location targeting 
    • Creating the funnel
    • Segmenting the audience

    Most marketers rely on Facebook to hone a distinct audience. But the classic theory that Facebook knows its users and segments properly isn’t correct. So to break this plateau and find a highly-specific audience, we teach students how to work with AI and ML-based tools. 

    What you’ll learn 

    • Scaling ads using AI
    • Tweaking audience location 
    • Refining audience segments 

    If you are careful enough in planning and the execution, you don’t need to spend significant money in order to live large on the Google result page. In this module, our industry-recognized certifications in performance marketing. We teach students how to excel in designing Google Ads for better results. 

    What you’ll learn 

    • Setting a clear objective for Good Ads 
    • Targeting long-tail keywords 
    • Optimizing the landing page 
    • Understanding the automation 

    When it comes to the creation of an ad campaign, you need to set things up thoroughly from the beginning. We teach you how to find the perfect balance between planning and execution of Ads. In addition, we show you to achieve a maximum in the lowest of the budget possible and where you need to up the bidding as well. 

    What you’ll learn 

    • How to build an excellent advertising structure 
    • Methods to rack up a high-quality score 
    • Using the third party extensions 
    • Analyzing the results.

    There is no use in putting ads if you can’t track them out in the end. In this module, we help students to discover multiple ways of tracking down traffic. That is coming from Google and other forms of Ads. We show how to implement code on your website so it doesn’t cause any problem and helps you in tracking with ease.

    What you’ll learn 

    • Implementation of tracking codes 
    • Setting up the GTM tags 
    • Landing page code
    • Google Adwords

    Google ads have a proven record of 50% more clicks on video-based ad campaigns. As a result, we teach our students how to create display and video campaigns. We teach how to leverage the leads and convert them into sales using optimal Google display ads for your business.

    What you’ll learn 

    • Planning of Google search display ads 
    • Google Analytics suite 
    • How to boost traffic using display ads 
    • Methods to influence consumer purchasing decisions.

    In this module, we aim to help students understand the importance of optimizing the ads campaign. With optimization, you can save a lot of money in putting your ads. A great digital marketer is one who creates ads at a much more affordable price point than his competitors. 

    What you’ll learn 

    • How to use campaign analysis 
    • Metrics to take care of 
    • Various optimization techniques 
    • Boosting traffic from ads 

    LinkedIn is one of the oldest social media platforms to this day. LinkedIn is the most popular platform for B2-B marketing. Thus, a marketer must know how to make the best of LinkedIn Ads in order to grow their business and increase the brand value. 

    What you’ll learn 

    • How to create content for LinkedIn
    • Difference between LinkedIn and other social platforms 
    • Implementation of LinkedIn ads 
    • Multiple methods to find the right audience and tags

    This one is an extra module that we put in our performance marketing certification course. With our job search readiness module, you will be taught how to present yourself in interviews. In addition to this, we teach you how to give answers properly if you don’t know the answer. What should be done to have a positive impact on the interviewer? 

    What you’ll learn 

    • We help you in building a network 
    • Interviewing skills 
    • Career mapping 
    • Developing examples to showcase your skills

    ⚡ Why Should You Choose GrowthAcad For Performance Marketing Training?

    The world of the internet has changed forever due to how consumers browse and buy products. On the other hand, it has also altered the way businesses advertise and sell their products online. With the use of performance marketing, a marketer can put himself one step ahead of others. To give his company the boost of sales it needs from the world of the web. Given below are a few reasons why choosing a Growthacad for your performance marketing training will be the best decision you have taken till now. 

    Cohort Based Learning

    At Growthacad’s online performance marketing certification course, we believe in teaching students the way they want. We give equal attention to each of the students present in the training course. As a result, our training course doesn’t include a massive number of students per batch. We teach students in a group of small batches, so everyone gets the full attention of the trainee, and they get one-to-one interaction with students as well. 

    Latest performance marketing techniques and tools

    As a performance marketing individual, you need to be learning the best of the tools and techniques that digital marketing has to offer. The field of digital marketing is constantly changing. As a result, we keep on adding new modules to our performance marketing course syllabus in order to teach students all the latest digital marketing techniques to help them secure a good job after the completion of the training. 

    A Well Established Training Institute

    Growacad is a well-reputed institute in the heart of Pune, and we have tie-ups with a number of companies in the city. As a result, once you have completed the course, we will help you get placed in them. In addition to this, we have some of the best lists of Alumni in the field of digital marketing. Every once in a while, we ask them to come and help our students with their doubts.

    Best In Class Faculty

    We are not just any other institute in the business, and we have been working tirelessly to provide students with the best learning opportunities and career options. At Growthacad, you are not learning from lecturers who are in the business of teaching. Our faculty members are industry-experienced individuals who have 5-10+ years of experience in their given fields. 

    Online Classes With Proper Guidance

    At Growthacad, we want to make sure that every student gets the proper training. As a result, we started online classes to teach individuals who are sitting on the other side of the country and can’t come for classroom sessions. But, our online classes are the best in the business because even in our online classes, we don’t have high strength, meaning students get more time to have one-to-one conversations with our faculties at any time they want during the session. 

    Jobs and internships assistance

    GrowthAcad has more than 50+ placement assistant patterns. Once you finish the course, you will receive 90%+ placement assistance from the GrowthAcad team.

    Learn From Expert Digital Marketers

    Harshit gupta - founder of GrowthAcad


    Founder & Global Digital Marketing & Growth Hacking Trainer

    Govind Chandak Photo


    Business Head And Product Growth at GrowthAcad, Ex Merkle - Sokrati (Dentsu Aegis Network)


    Founder & CEO at Radon Media, Performance Marketing mentor and Analytics Evangelist


    Mentor At GrowthAcad (Edtech Startups Specialist , Former CXO Of Fortune 500s)


    Mentor (Digital Project Manager At Tru Performance Inc)

    Nagendra Sai, growthacad mentor


    Mentor At GrowthAcad, Head of Programmatic Strategy & Operations at Interpublic Group (IPG)

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    Inspiring success stories of our students

    Discover how our ex-students have started their digital marketing career with GrowthAcad by enrolling in our digital marketing courses. Check out all the success stories of GrowthAcad students.

    FAQs For Performance Marketing Training Program

    There are no demanding prerequisites to enrolling in the course of learning performance marketing. You need to have a computer, even an intelligent tablet can work, and you need a good internet connection. That’s it. Apart from this, we recommend individuals to have finished their high school studies before taking up this course.

    Yes, all our courses have updated modules and syllabus in order to make our students learn the best of the skills that are required by the current industry standards. We make additions to our syllabus every three to six months based on the new changes that took place in digital marketing. So when you enroll in any one of the courses, you are learning what’s been used by digital marketers all around the world right now. 

    Yes, our performance marketing course allows students to take full advantage of distance learning. Not only do we have online classes, but we also make sure to include problem-solving sessions as well. To help students clear their doubts that arise during their self-learning time. 

    Every single interaction between students and our faculty is recorded. That means you can re-watch it a number of times to understand the concept. In some cases, you are not able to attend the live session of this course, and you can watch the recorded session in your free time and prepare yourself for the upcoming session. 

    The course takes around three months to finish, from the start to the very end of getting multiple certificates of tools you have learned. 

    During the time, of course, you will be learning a number of tools such as Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Facebook and Instagram Ad manager, LinkedIn Ad manager, and more. Some of these tools require you to have certifications. As a result, when we are done teaching you how to use them, you have to clear the exam in order to get the certificate. 

    What is the career scope of a performance marketer?

    FAQs For Course Fees and Payments

    The fees for our perfoprmance marketing course is from ₹24,999. However, you can also get a scholarship or offer depending on the course type you choose. You can get in touch with us via mail or a phone call. 

    There are multiple ways by which you can make the payment for the course. If you want to go with the installments, it is better to get in touch with us to find the best way possible. At Growthacad, we make sure that the fees are the last thing you need to take care of when you enroll in one of our courses. 

    FAQs For Training Certification and Placement Assistance

    Yes, absolutely. Growthacad’s certificates are the one you should be mentioned when you are going for an interview as it gives credibility to your learning. We are one of the most renowned digital marketing institutes situated in Pune. As a result, if you are out there giving interviews, our name can help interviewers see that you have taken the learnings from a well-known and established institute. 

    Sure, once you have finished this course, you will be able to get into any of the performance marketing jobs that are open for freshers. At the end of our course, we have a particular module where we teach our students how to prepare for the interviews and give answers properly. We work on their soft skills to make them presentable and confident for the interviews. So, our performance marketing course is developed to help students secure a job as fast as possible. 

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