Avani Sakalikar, MBA student

Avani Sakalikar, GrowthAcad student

What were you doing before entering into the digital marketing field?

Before stepping into the field of digital marketing, fresh out of college with a BBA in Marketing, I was eagerly seeking opportunities to expand my knowledge and advance my career.

What influenced your decision to study digital marketing?

I was captivated by how quickly technology and the internet were evolving, which made me believe that digital marketing was a vibrant industry with much room for advancement. Realizing how important it is for companies to interact with their audience and increase sales through online channels further fueled my desire to learn digital marketing techniques.

What motivated you to enroll in the digital marketing training program at GrowthAcad?

I was seeking the Best digital marketing courses in Nagpur that could equip me with industry-ready skills to accomplish my goals. Hearing positive reviews from friends enrolled at GrowthAcad, Nagpur further piqued my interest. Learning about the program’s one-on- one mentorship, hands-on experience, live doubt-clearing sessions, and comprehensive training and placement guidance sealed the deal for me. Among the options I explored, I found GrowthAcad’s digital marketing training program to be the best Digital marketing training program in Nagpur stood out as the perfect fit for someone like me, eager to gain a well-rounded education.

What were your expectations when you enrolled in the digital marketing training program at our institute?

Upon enrolling in the Best digital marketing training program at GrowthAcad, Nagpur I had certain expectations, all of which were surpassed. The flexibility offered, such as the option to attend missed sessions in alternative batches, the exclusive curriculum and the lifetime access to the LMS containing comprehensive training materials, exceeded my expectations.

Moreover, our mentor, Mr. Govind Chandak, proved to be invaluable. His extensive experience and approachable nature ensured personalized attention during the course, and even after its conclusion, he continued assisting with queries and guiding us through our digital marketing careers.

What was your favourite aspect of the training program?

My favorite aspect of the training program was the abundance of hands-on experience during the sessions. We had the opportunity to practice using various tools and campaigns directly in class, allowing us to gain practical experience before starting our internships or jobs. Additionally, the presence of an alumni group, where new internship and job

opportunities are regularly posted, proved to be immensely helpful in navigating our career paths.

Since completing the training at GrowthAcad, how has your career progressed?

My Progress Since Completion of the Digital Marketing Training program at Growthacad, Nagpur

Shortly after completing my training at GrowthAcad,Nagpur I secured a social media management Internship. However, I had to discontinue it after a few months to pursue my PG program From Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Nagpur. 

Despite this, during my college days, I was responsible for managing my college’s social media channels. Additionally, I started freelancing in my free time. Throughout this journey, I remained connected with Govind sir, who continued to mentor me and address all my work-related queries, helping me excel in my internship and beyond.

What are some of the specific skills that you learned during the training that you have been able to apply in your job or business?

In my internship and freelancing endeavors, I’ve directly applied the hands-on experience with campaigns and tools gained from the digital marketing training program at GrowthAcad, Nagpur This enabled me to analyze metrics effectively and optimize the social media pages I managed. 

Moreover, the theoretical knowledge acquired from the course played a crucial role in successfully cracking job interviews.

How would you describe your time at the GrowthAcad Institute?

My time at GrowthAcad, Nagpur Institute was genuinely delightful. The 2.5–3 months of the course passed swiftly, with each day bringing new and exciting learning experiences. Interacting directly with our mentor, Govind sir, was encouraged, fostering a comfortable environment for asking questions. 

GrowthAcad made learning enjoyable and stimulating, deepening our interest in digital marketing.

Is there any advice you would give to new students at the GrowthAcad?

Here are some advice I would give to new students at GrowthAcad, Nagpur:

  1. Ensure clarity of concepts: Always strive to understand the concepts
    thoroughly. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and seek clarification whenever needed.
  2. Practice outside the classroom: Reinforce your learning by practicing what you’ve learned outside class. This helps improve retention and understanding of the material.
  3. Start freelancing or personal branding: Consider starting a freelancing career or building your brand alongside the course. This hands-on experience will provide deeper insights into applying what you’ve learned and preparing you for your digital marketing career.

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